We're Fourth Wave LFA, a collective of feminist activists fighting for social justice and equality.


We're an intersectional feminist group: this means we stand against the oppression of all people regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, education, ability, sexuality, age and any other factors that can be used to discriminate. We recognise the ways these factors affect each other and how our experiences are never the result of just one form of oppression. Therefore, Fourth Wave LFA's members show mutual respect for each other's lived experiences and consider the intersections of oppression during group organisation and action.


Fourth Wave LFA aren't a single-issue group. We encourage our members to raise issues which affect them to make sure that our acts of protest are the ones we feel most passionate about. We believe in reproductive rights for all, and are a strictly pro-choice group. Housing, education, health, austerity, the environment, global conflict, etc. – these are all feminist issues, and we refuse to be unheard within any movement that values social justice.

We're open to collaboration with other groups in order to strengthen each other’s campaigns. We value solidarity within the feminist movement, and believe this is necessary in order to destroy the patriarchy. To encourage solidarity, we operate within a safe space policy.


Let this be the last of the feminist waves – together, we must become a relentless tide of feminist action!


Fourth Wave LFA is committed to operating a safe, inclusive and supportive space where discrimination isn't tolerated. We ask that all members and visitors try to create an open and welcoming environment online, at meetings and at other events, where everyone feels able to participate. What's shared at meetings or online will be kept inside the physical or virtual room to encourage open and valuable discussions.


Trigger warnings should be used. However, given the nature of topics discussed during meetings, this may not always be possible. As such, the following should be adhered to at all times:


● Don't make assumptions about anyone’s race, religion, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, education, ability, sexuality, survivor status, or any other life experience or circumstance

● Do acknowledge your privilege, and speak only from your own frame of reference

● Don't use derogatory or discriminatory language

● Behave with kindness and consideration when responding, particularly if it's necessary to challenge a member of the group

● If your views are challenged, don't become defensive but listen, think and learn

● Avoid interrupting other people who're sharing their views

● Everyone should be considerate of how much they're speaking to avoid dominating the conversation

●  Acknowledge and try to build on others’ ideas and comments, rather than switching topics. Communicate in a collaborative and supportive way.


We're aware that it’s very difficult to do all of these things, and we all slip up sometimes. While it’s important that everyone tries to stick to these rules, please be patient with each other. Nobody's perfect.